Daisy and PrepTECH Partner to Dramatically Improve Technician Recruitment, Training and Placement

New program provides Daisy’s nationwide network of integration firms the ability to attract and retain qualified technicians to support Daisy’s rapid growth  

Costa Mesa, Calif., May 10, 2024Daisy, the first national smart space installation and services company, needs an ongoing supply of technicians to support its industry-leading growth. To address this need, Daisy has partnered with PrepTECH to address long-standing integration industry challenges in finding and retaining talent, which has been a huge inhibitor to the expansion and prosperity of integration firms nationwide. That’s all changing thanks to Daisy the PrepTECH. Dedicated to helping its network of systems integration locations and the entire industry thrive, Daisy in partnership with PrepTECH, a systems integration-focused staffing company led by well-renowned industry veterans Helen Heneveld and Paul Starkey, has launched a comprehensive recruitment and training program to bring new entry-level talent into the field and provide a clear path for career advancement.  

“At Daisy, we are always in the market for great technicians who want an exciting career with the fastest growing national player in the industry. Our partnership with PrepTECH supports Daisy’s rapid growth by streamlining the onboarding process and bringing exciting new talent with the right attitude and aptitude for our integration companies. Meanwhile, new Daisy hires have a proven pathway to success where they can grow into leadership roles and even business ownership through our unique franchise model,” remarks Daisy co-founder and CEO Hagan Kappler.

Daisy and PrepTECH officially launched the apprentice program at Daisy branches in Connecticut, California and Florida, with additional rollouts to other Daisy branches planned. 

“We want to help our integration branches strategically get ahead of their staffing needs for our ongoing growth and strengthen their businesses with pre-qualified candidates who are eager to learn and expand their skillset,” Kappler says. “Newly hired Daisy employees, meanwhile, have the support of a national company dedicated to empowering and supporting them with training, certifications, and professional development.” 

Daisy and PrepTECH are working together to spearhead the growth and fortification of the systems integration industry by cultivating a fresh pool of prepared junior technicians. Their proactive approach ensures the industry is equipped with capable individuals and professionals, contributing to its expansion and resilience. 

“We specifically look for people outside of the industry, which helps us expand the staffing pool rather than just shift within our existing tech pool,” Starkey explains. 

Through a carefully designed and curated curriculum, PrepTECH is able to bring these inexperienced yet qualified and ambitious entry-level candidates up to speed quickly and well-aligned with the Daisy culture. 

“To have junior techs hit the ground running is a huge advantage to Daisy!” Kappler adds. “With seasoned home tech professionals like Helen Heneveld and Paul Starkey leading the charge at PrepTECH, we know the new Daisy hires possess all the qualities we need to help our existing branches provide the utmost service and support available to our valued clientele.”  

The PrepTECH apprentice program involves multiple steps and a rigorous vetting process to determine the potential of applicants. From a personality test and critical thinking assessment to 40 hours of online training and testing, all the bases are covered and geared to ensure the best candidates for the job. 

“It’s an intensive 4- to 6-week bootcamp that focuses on fundamentals,” says Heneveld. “Apprentices come away with a good working knowledge of what’s expected at the jobsite, and the processes, terminology and tools to complete basic tasks efficiently and accurately.” 

Indeed, PrepTECH’s recruitment strategy is geared to present Daisy only the best, with just 3% of applicants moving on and joining the Daisy team. 

After a PrepTECH candidate is qualified and trained, their profile is shared with Daisy for placement. From there, the new apprentice follows a 90-day Skills Validation Checklist to ensure they grasp daily tasks and are proficient at their work. Further, new hires are placed with a Daisy mentor for additional guidance and support as they onboard. 

“To succeed and stand out as integrators we need to provide our clients with personalized, ongoing, and real time support, all of which require a team of well-trained, friendly, customer-focused technicians,’ says Matt Walin, new Daisy branch owner. “For the first time, through Daisy’s unique apprentice program, we’re finally able to make inroads.”  

To learn more about Daisy’s franchising opportunity or apply to be a Daisy franchise, applicants can visit daisyco.com/franchising and existing integrators can head to daisyco.com/conversions. To learn more about PrepTECH and its apprentice programs, go to https://preptech.com/content/Default.aspx

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Daisy is a national smart space installation and services company that simplifies smart home and office technology to make it work and perform optimally for its users, solving one of the biggest in-home problems today and bringing more joy into the home and office. For more information on becoming a Daisy-certified technician or to register as a future business partner, franchisee, or customer, please visit daisyco.com.  

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PrepTECH is an end-to-end new talent source and workforce retention resource company serving the custom integration industry. For more information or to register for the PrepTECH PRIME community, please visit preptech.com.

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