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Smart lighting & shades that elevate your home.

Discover how smart lighting & shades can set the scene and bring comfort.

Smart lighting & shades that elevate your home.

Discover how smart lighting & shades can set the scene and bring comfort.

Why invest in Daisy Smart Lighting & Shades?

  • Indulge in Personalized Illumination

    Elevate your living spaces by offering a touch of personalization and refinement to every corner of your home. Experience different moments of your day with sophisticated smart lighting & shade solutions.

  • Embrace Unrivaled Comfort

    Savor moments of relaxation and leisure with our smart lighting and shade systems, designed to envelop you in unparalleled comfort and convenience. From setting the perfect lighting for a cozy evening in to effortlessly adjusting shades for optimal relaxation, our solutions cater to your every comfort need.

  • Craft Tranquil Ambiance

    Create an ambiance of tranquility and serenity, where every space exudes calmness and relaxation. Let our technology guide you to your personal oasis, where peace and harmony reign supreme.

Why choose Daisy for your smart lighting & shade solutions?

Trusted local provider in Orange County since 2005
Cutting-edge, vetted technology tailored to your lifestyle
Unmatched client service & ongoing support

We work with the best

At Daisy, we’re proud to incorporate industry-leading smart lighting & motorized shade solutions that provide unparalleled control, convenience, and energy efficiency for both homes and businesses.

By partnering with Lutron, we bring you the future of lighting control, offering an elevated experience for your smart home or business.

Security brands we work with

Smart Lighting Systems

Lighting is the most influential element on mood in a space. Set different scenes with smart lighting controls.

Automated Shades

Provide personalized control over ambiance and natural light, ultimately transforming your living space.

Personalization & Customization

Unparalleled customization, allowing users to tailor their environment to suit their unique preferences and needs with ease.

Integration Capabilities

Solutions that work seamlessly with your existing smart home setup.

Smart Lighting for a Brighter Future

How to get started

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Schedule a Consultation

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Custom-built Lighting Plan

Step 3

Professional Installation

Step 4

Enjoy your personalized ambiance

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The Daisy Difference

Choosing Daisy is about more than just implementing smart systems, it’s about forging a relationship built on trust and care.
Responsive tech experts and carefully curated solutions
Customization to fit your home and preferences
Hassle-free installation that integrates with existing tech
Ongoing service to ensure your space is customized to your needs


It depends. Our team of smart space experts will work with you to understand your current systems and needs and how we can ensure your space meets your desired comfort and ambiance.
At Daisy, we strive to be your personal tech advisor from initial tech consultation to expert installation to our ongoing support program.
In your consultation, we'll learn more about your preferences and smart home goals. From there, we can identify the right products for you.
Ready to Illuminate your Space Perfectly?
  • No obligation and free consultation
  • Seamless installation and ease of use
  • Hassle-free ongoing support