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Build your ultimate home entertainment hub

Learn how our cutting-edge smart audio & video solutions can transform your home.

Build your
ultimate home
entertainment hub

Learn how our cutting-edge smart audio & video solutions can transform your home.

Why invest in a Daisy home entertainment system?

  • Craft Unforgettable Moments

    Immerse yourself in the world of unparalleled audio and video experiences. Whether it's movie nights with loved ones or gaming marathons with friends, our top-of-the-line systems ensure every moment is unforgettable.

  • Be the Host with the Most

    Impress your guests and become the envy of your neighborhood with our state-of-the-art technology. From sleek design to seamless functionality, our systems add the cool factor to your home, setting the stage for epic gatherings and memorable celebrations.

  • Create Lasting Memories

    With Daisy, your home isn't just a place to live—it's a destination for friends and family to come together. From cozy nights in to lively parties, our Smart Audio Video Systems create the perfect atmosphere for bonding and making lasting memories.

Why choose Daisy for your home entertainment solutions?

Premier provider specializing in cutting-edge home
Tailored entertainment solutions that fit your lifestyle and space
Exceptional customer support from consultation through installation

We work with the best

At Daisy, we’re proud to incorporate Lutron’s industry-leading smart lighting solutions into our service offerings. Lutron provides unparalleled control, convenience, and energy savings for both homes and businesses.

By partnering with Lutron, we bring you the future of lighting control, offering a superior experience for your smart home or business.

Brands we work with

Advanced Audio Systems

Enjoy your favorite music and immerse yourself in high-fidelity sound whether it’s through built-in sound systems, hidden speakers, or top-notch audio displays.

State-of-the-Art Video

High definition screens and TVs for a cinematic experience to entertain guests, spend quality time with family, and provide endless entertainment.

Smart Streaming Integration

Access all your favorite content easily in one place so you can spend more time hosting or enjoying your entertainment solutions.

Customized Control

With tailored solutions to fit your unique lifestyle and preferences, you’ll have seamless management of your entertainment system.

Craft Unforgettable Moments

How to get started

Step 1

Schedule a consultation

Step 2

Personalized entertainment plan

Step 3

Professional installation

Step 4

Enjoy quality time with friends & family

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The Daisy Difference

Choosing Daisy is about more than just implementing smart systems, it’s about forging a relationship built on trust and care.
Personalized consultations to understand your desires and space
Solutions designed for your specific entertainment needs
Quick, efficient installation that respects your time and property
Continuous support to ensure your system always entertains


At Daisy, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products and services that exceed expectations. When selecting products, we carefully vet and establish a strong relationship with the manufacturer to understand all the product's intricacies, what makes them the best, and how they integrate within the home.
It depends. In your consultation with Daisy, we'll learn more about your smart home goals, lifestyle needs, and existing systems.

Daisy offers personalized support to ensure that you can effortlessly manage your smart tech.

Yes, we provide a whole range of outdoor entertainment solutions. Contact us today to learn more.
Ready for the Ultimate
Entertainment Transformation?
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  • Seamless installation and ease of use
  • Hassle-free ongoing support