Brilliantly Evolving

Brilliantly Evolving

Daisy & Brilliant AV Join Forces

Daisy & Brilliant AV
Join Forces

Brilliant AV has become Daisy’s first flagship branch. Daisy is a nationwide smart space installation and services company, and Brilliant AV will begin operating with the Daisy name later in 2024.

My team and I are excited to provide an even better experience for our existing and future clients. As Daisy, we will be evolving our support centers & programs to further provide you the best personalized, full-featured, reliable smart home and smart office technology available.

A bright future ahead

What does this mean for you as our valued client?

  • Same Ownership & Guarantee

    Even as Daisy, we will continue to provide the high level of service you expect and anticipate - hopefully exceeding your expectations as a fully transitioned Daisy branch.

    The same Brilliant AV team is here for you with a growing team of skilled professionals. We are excited to improve and enhance the service you receive with even better attention to detail that has made Brilliant AV such a respected name.

  • Enhanced capabilities

    We are working with Daisy to build a more comprehensive and exceptional client experience.

    From optimal custom-curated product solutions to a 24/7/365 call center to a proactive Smart Home monitoring program, we are adding features to our business to continue serving as your personal tech advisory.

We are here to answer any questions you may have and want to thank you for utilizing Daisy and Brilliant AV to guide, curate, and support your smart space journey. To schedule a free consultation, visit here: daisyco.com/orangecountyca

Matt Walin

Daisy Orange County Branch Owner
Brilliant AV Founder & CEO


Brilliant AV is joining forces with Daisy. This partnership allows us to extend our reach and capabilities in the industry, delivering even more exceptional service you've come to expect from us.

Absolutely not. Business operations will continue as usual with no disruptions to the services you are currently enjoying. Rest assured, the same dedicated team will continue to support your technology needs.

No, the management and ownership remain the same. This partnership is designed to enhance our service offerings without changing the fundamental leadership that guides our business.

No, your current points of contact at Brilliant AV will remain available to you. We are committed to maintaining our strong relationship with you.

Service-Related Questions

We currently do not anticipate changes to the pricing of our services as a result of this partnership. We will continue to communicate openly with you regarding any future changes.

Yes, scheduling services remain unchanged. You can continue to book appointments and services as you always have, via the website, over the phone, texting, or through email. In the future, we will join both websites:
BrilliantAV.com and Daisyco.com/OrangeCountyCA

Any ongoing projects will continue as planned. The Daisy partnership enhances our capabilities but does not alter our commitment to current projects or agreements.

Your maintenance program will currently remain intact with the same terms and benefits. This partnership will enhance the support and services we provide, further ensuring the longevity and reliability of your technology

Future Outlook Questions

As we integrate Daisy’s expertise and resources, you can look forward to an expanded portfolio of cutting-edge technology solutions and innovative services tailored to enhance your home and office environments.

We value your privacy and will manage your data with the utmost care and confidentiality. The sharing of data will be strictly governed by current privacy policies and only be used to enhance your service experience.

We welcome any questions or concerns you have about our new collaboration. Please contact our client service team at info@daisyco.com, or you can reach out to me, Matt Walin, branch owner of Daisy Orange County at matt@daisyco.com.