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What is Smart Technology Integration?

At Daisy, we spend every day making our clients’ homes and offices more enjoyable with entertainment, audio & video solutions, smart lighting, thermostats or blinds. We protect them with security systems and monitoring as well as smart doorbells and locks.
We optimize all connected elements with our integrated home system. No matter what they need, we’re the go-to provider for integrating, maintaining, and then upgrading their technology.

Why Daisy?

We’re excited to be an emerging brand in a $29BN industry growing 9.1% every year (CE Pro, 2024 State of the Industry Report). As the first national leader in smart home and office integration, we offer a truly differentiated, world class, ten point branch support system.

With our operational, tech, sales, marketing, procurement, recruiting systems, and coaching behind you, you’ll be at the forefront of our innovative and quickly growing industry.

The Benefits of Partnering with Daisy

We help you build a strong foundation and grow top-line, while driving bottom-line success.
We empower our technicians – who know our clients’ needs and bring the utmost professionalism to all relationships.
We developed a unique recurring service offering for ongoing revenue generation.
We establish programs that attract the right customers and generate growth for you.
We don’t want you to be tied to your business 24/7. If you need to take a vacation, we’ll make sure your clients are well taken care of.
We share the latest innovations and industry trends, enabling your teams to provide the most effective designs for your clients.  

How it Works

If you’re interested in starting the conversation with Daisy, simply fill out your information below.

We’ll get to know each other; we’ll share more about the opportunity and learn more about your background.

If we are authorized in your state, we’ll send you the FDD and our formal application to get started.

You may be invited to a Daisy Day, which is a chance to meet our team and discuss the potential roadmap ahead.

If both parties decide to move forward, you’ll execute the franchise agreement, and we'll start your onboarding!


"Being a part of Daisy has transformed my business in remarkable ways. Together with their dedicated team and innovative approach, we've reached unprecedented heights in terms of the quality and service we provide to our clients. Daisy's support and resources have elevated my business and my entire team to new levels of success."

Matt W Owner

"cyberManor is thrilled to be one of Daisy’s first national partners. More than ever, to be competitive in the smart home integration market, you need to offer clients 24/7/365 personalized call support coverage for the smart technology in their homes. Potential and existing clients care about our years of experience, positive testimonials, top-in-class products, and great employees, but what they really want, and need, is an integration partner that will continually care for and support their smart home over the long term. cyberManor, powered by Daisy’s local and national remote support team, gives us that competitive advantage."

Gordon V Owner

"We’ve already begun to understand some of the projects Daisy is working on that excite us, such as systems that will streamline customer service, scheduling, ordering, project management, and many others that we could not do on our own to the level they are bringing it. These improvements will allow us additional time to focus on client needs versus doing paperwork.​ Our team is excited to join Daisy as the change provides a conduit for advancement and opportunity that we could not provide alone. Daisy appreciates our partnership for the high touch client service and abundant knowledge we bring to the table. It’s a win-win-win for our clients, team, and Daisy."

Greg D Owner

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