Discover the joys of smart home technology

Discover the joys of smart home technology

Create a home that’s tailored to your lifestyle.

Incorporating smart technology into your home can transform everyday moments into elevated experiences. From enhanced convenience and entertainment to increased security and energy efficiency, Daisy smart home solutions seamlessly integrate to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Share your smart home dreams, and we’ll help you make them a reality. With professional installation, best in class products, and ongoing support from our team of experts, you’ll enjoy a frustration-free system that runs smoothly and is easy to operate.

What do you want from your Daisy Smart Home?

Peace of mind

Secure your smart home, no matter where you’re actually located, with high-performance cameras and surveillance systems that offer live footage and monitoring.


Create a home environment kids and guests won’t want to leave with audio and video systems that take recreation to the next level.


Set the mood in every area of your home by automatically adjusting lighting levels, automating shared shades and connecting audio to your outdoor spaces.


Making home life more enjoyable is effortless with a smart lighting and climate control system that understands your preferences and adjusts accordingly.


Shorten your to-do list with home automation that effortlessly controls various aspects of your home, from lighting and thermostats to appliances and irrigation.


Expand your home’s WIFI bandwidth for better performance, extended signals and enhanced reliability.

Solutions we offer

At Daisy, we carefully curate smart tech solutions that unlock your home’s potential. What do you want your Daisy Smart Home to do?

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What is a Smart Home?

Imagine a home that anticipates your needs and responds to your commands. A smart home uses technology to create a comfortable, secure, and convenient living environment. It’s about surrounding yourself with devices and appliances that can be controlled remotely through your smartphone, tablet, or even voice commands.

Think about effortlessly adjusting the lighting from your phone while relaxing on the couch, or having your thermostat automatically set to your desired temperature as you approach your home. Smart homes can also provide peace of mind with security features like remotely monitored cameras and smart locks.
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The Daisy Difference

Think of us as your personal tech advisors

Our mission is to provide a streamlined and stress-free tech experience for our clients based on proactive service, personalized recommendations and ongoing support. Working with our team is about more than implementing smart systems, it’s about forging a relationship built on trust and care.